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Literacy and Numeracy in Kindergarten


Literacy is a critical component of student success to learn at school and to participate in everyday life. The skills students develop in the first three years of school enable them to take on progressively more demanding learning tasks, and to progress through school.

Literacy is developed through listening to, reading, viewing and creating texts in spoken, written and digital forms. It is important  to develop a strong foundation in early literacy skills for students with particular focus on oral language, vocabulary, print knowledge, phonological awareness, phonics and comprehension.


It is also vitally important for students to develop an awareness of mathematics as a sense-making endeavour, seeing and using the flexibility inherent within numbers, operations and mathematical thinking to solve problems. As such, developing rich, connected number sense is a large area of focus in the early years of schooling.​

Students start with a ‘warm up’ song and counting game. This  is followed by a ‘hands on’ differentiated lesson using manipulatives and written components.